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BERGFEX: Hotel Baer & Post: Hotel Zernez, Zuoz

Hotel Baer & Post

7530 Zernez

Skiing and snowboarding, cross-country-skiing and winter hiking in Zernez

Zernez is the central starting point to the largest ski regions in Switzerland, such as St. Moritz, Davos-Klosters, Scuol and Livigno (Italy). All these ski resorts can be reached in approximately 30 - 45 minutes drive.

The snow brightens along the 180 km of groomed trails on the lakes and through wildly romantic valleys. Most of the run is part of the Engadin Ski Marathon, the second largest skiing nation in the world and also quite the winter wonderland.

It does not always have snow or trail to be to experience firsthand the winter. The nature has many more facets of stock, which one comes with the greatest pleasure in hiking boots, in style trapper or fur on the track.

With snowshoes on your feet through the fresh forest to idyllic vantage points and on frozen lakes - the Engadine is waiting with different snowshoe trails to those who seek peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle. Guided snowshoe tours can be booked in the Tourist Information which is locally organized from Zernez. Choose between a 2-hour introductory tour, short and day trips. A special tip: a full moon snowshoe tour. Recommendations for individual tours and marked paths and information on renting equipment you will also receive on-site.

In the snowy forest, which are on scenic mountains and are car-free, winding passes one finds very fine examples: Beautiful colourful sled trails, which are often shared with fellow runners in the fun conquering the altimeter?

Physically, ice is a transparent crystalline solid. In sporting terms, this element brings us pretty much a lot of fun. In the Ice ring we find glassy ice for spins, the only Natural Ice climbing treks in the world and vertically such huge icicles, ice climbers will find that here in the Olympus.

“We live with our guests and they live with us, this has been our motto in the family Patscheider for four generations”.


L'Hotel a l'entrada dal Parc Naziunal inua cha Vus as sentis dachasa - Das Hotel am Eingang zum Nationalpark, wo Sie sich zu Hause fühlen


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