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BERGFEX: Lyžiarske stredisko Waidring - Steinplatte - Lyžovačka Waidring - Steinplatte - Wintersportgebiet Waidring - Steinplatte

Lyžiarske stredisko Waidring - Steinplatte

Waidring - Steinplatte

1.100 - 1.900m

Plán zjazdoviek Lyžiarske stredisko Waidring - Steinplatte

Novinky Waidring - Steinplatte

A highlight in this skiarea is for sure the Snowpark Steinplatte, with it`s lenghts of 1,5 kilometer it is one of Austrias longest parks, with Jibelements and Kickers for every level.

The Triassic Funline just beside the snowpark is is perfect for the first freestyle attempts and is great fun for young and old!

To provide a snow guarantee this winter 2017/18 we invested in our snowmaking system again, we completed a new reservoire *Bäreck" in the area of the Steinplatte peak this summer.

A unvorgettable experience is aswell our viewing plattform, you can reach it via a short and wonderfull winterwalk starting from the top station of the Steinplatte Gondola.

Lyžiarske stredisko Waidring - Steinplatte

The plateau-skiarea Steinplatte / Winklmoosalm is located on the boarder of Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria and the distance from Munich is only 100 km and from Salzburg only 60 km.

The skiarea is known for its snow guarantee, the excellent groomed slopes and the extended hours of sunshine.

The wonderful ski resort can be reached from Waidring with a modern cable car. One of the 49 gondolas transports 15 passengers , i.e. in one hour 2500 persons can be transported into the ski resort. On the austrian side you additionally have 7 modern chairlifts (3 with heated seats) and on the bavarian side a gondola, 2 chairlifts and 1 t-bar lift to get up to the top.

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Lyžiarske stredisko Waidring - Steinplatte

Steinplatte - Waidring
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