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BERGFEX: Selfness und Erwachsenenhotel Ritzlerhof: Hotel Sautens Oetz -

Selfness und Erwachsenenhotel...

6432 Sautens

At the puls beat of nature

Summer in the Ötztal

The Ritzlerhof is predestined, right from the hotel, to explore and discover the summer with all its facets. Fresh mountain air, lush meadows and alpine pastures just a few minutes from the Ritzlerhof, hiking trails directly from the hotel, all perfectly suited for hiking, rafting and canyoning as well as many other attractions and adventures await you in the holiday region Ötztal.

A symphony for all senses

In the Ritzlerhof our guests enjoy the grandiose panorama, culinary delights from our kitchen and almost 1000m2 wellness area that leaves nothing to be desired.
The Ritzlerhof lies lonely on a sunny plateau, high above the entrance to the Ötztal. From here you have an overwhelming view of the unique mountains of Tyrol. The view of Ötz, the majestic mountain giants behind and the intact nature, give the viewer an indescribable feeling of peace and serenity.

Our kitchen team pampers our guests with culinary delights using fresh local produce. Exquisite wines from all over the world refine the culinary delights of our kitchen.

Gorgeous massages, pampering cosmetic treatments, soothing sauna sessions and indoor swimming with a fantastic view - the breathtaking scenery and the incomparable tranquility of an adult hotel multiply the wellness experience in the Ritzlerhof.

Dogs are not only welcome on request, they are welcome and will be pampered. In order not to disturb the other guests, we limit the number of dogs to 8 per stay.

Ritzlerhof Specials

Team spirit development through incentives, seminars and lectures for groups, companies or individuals, a golf simulator for sports enthusiasts as well as a Lebensfeuerberatung for our guests are just a few highlights, offered and perfectly staged by the team of the Hotel Ritzlerhof.


Ponuky Leto Selfness und Erwachsenenhotel Ritzlerhof

od 468 EUR
5 Noci

Špeciálne / Wellness / Zimné paušály

Gültig z 15.12.2017 do 26.10.2018


  Hlavná sezóna Vor-/Nebensaison Hlavná sezóna Vor-/Nebensaison
Nocľah - - - -
s raňajkami - - - -
Polpenzia 95 €
do 288 €
104 €
do 317 €
87 €
do 310 €
98 €
do 315 €
All-inclusive - - - -

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