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Natrun Adventure Mountain

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From an archery course o a forest ropes garden.

Directly in the town center of Maria Alm, you can take the Dorfj@t lift up the Natrun to an elevation of 1,104 m.

From here, you and the whole family can start your mountain adventure.
The Dorfj@t lift is one of the "Best Austrian Summer Lifts". The quality seal of approval "Best Austrian Summer Lifts" stands for the quality of the offerings on the mountain. For this certification, each lift must fulfill an extensive list of criteria.

Natrun forest ropes course, Salzburg
The Natrun forest ropes course is an excursion destination and outdoor experience for the whole family. Swing among the treetops at a height of up to 14 meters. In the Natrun forest ropes course, you will be personally accompanied by trained instructors through the different courses. Highlights are the 120m long Speed Flying Fox, the King Swing, and the free fall from a height of 14 meters!
Prices & opening times for the forest ropes garden

SCHLAWUTZEL KID'S TREE PATHFamily excursion Schlawutzel kid's tree path
The Schlawutzel kid's tree path includes 11 stations installed at heights between 50 and 100 cm. This course is open to the public, and children from ca. 2 to 8 years old can use the course for free. Of course, a chaperone should always be present, and a trainer from the forest ropes garden is available.
Here, children have the opportunity to try out the exercises and stations at a child-friendly height. It is an ideal family excursion!

"FLOW ONE" MOUNTAIN BIKE FLOW TRAIL"Flow One" mountain bike flow trail in Maria Alm On a length of over 2 km, the "Flow One" flow trail promises fun and action on mountain bike. The route leads via 285 vertical meters and diverse terrain from the summit station of the lift (free bike transport) into the valley: this is pure, exhilarating riding fun. The flow trail is suited for beginners and families as well as for single trail pros.

On the 3D archery course at Gasthof Jufen, you can strengthen your stamina, muscle tone, and concentration. In playful ways, you can put your skills with a bow and arrow to the test. Participation in a course is recommended (only with advanced registration: Pinzgau Archery School| Tel.: +43 676 527 9655,

WILDLIFE ENCLOSURE Observing wildlife at the Jufenalm in Maria Alm on the Natrun
At the Jufenalm, a 1 hr. walk from the summit station of the dorfj@t, you can observe local animal species such as red deer (stags, roe deer), mouflons, rabbits, and much more in their natural surroundings. The wildlife enclosure is open year-round and promises insight into the life of impressive animals.

MINI GOLFMini golf in Maria Alm
Tons of excitement and diversity are guaranteed, because each of the 18 holes has its own special features. Golf clubs, balls, and passes are available at the ticket office of the Dorfj@t Natrun. It's fun for the whole family!

Forest slide park Bursting with energy and high-spirited fun, you can slide down 5 stainless steel slides with a length of up to 55 m from the summit station of the Dorfj@t down into the valley. Maria Alm has turned this project, which to this day is one-of-a-kind, into reality. With the help of a hiking path, all slides can be enjoyed several times over or detoured. FAMILY FRIENDLYThe sparkling eyes of children on the Natrun family mountain
Heading up the Natrun is no problem for those with handicaps. The lift is equipped with ramps so that reaching the mountain summit in a wheelchair is no trouble at all. The staff is happy to help regarding this matter. At the summit station, there is also a wheelchair-accessible path. Since it is an excursion destination for the whole family, most hiking paths on the mountain are also accessible by children's strollers.

Täglich zu den Betriebszeiten der Kabinenbahn dorfj@t
Einschulungen finden um 9.30, 11.30 und 13.30 Uhr statt

Waldseilgarten Natrun
Oberdorf, Natrun Dorfj@t
5761 Maria Alm

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