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Hochkönig Vegan

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A meatless feast

Vegan holidays at Hochkönig
The Hochkönig region warmly welcomes vegetarians and vegans to Austria's only certified vegan region! Those who do not eat meat and animal products based on their principles can fully enjoy themselves here. In numerous select businesses in the valley and in the mountains, the menus have been completely rewritten. Here, there are vegetarian and vegan treats on the menu.

Whether breakfast, a snack at a hut, or dinner - the expectations of vegans and vegetarians will be exceeded in hotels, restaurants, inns, cafés, alpine huts, and ski huts in the Hochkönig region. Along with regional delicacies, there is always at least one vegan dish as well as one vegan cocktail on the menu. Even meat eaters will be tempted by the mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian dishes. Hochkönig culinary delights don't have to include animal products to be delicious - try it for yourself!
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