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Rogner Bad Blumau

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Wellness, art and hot springs; a liveable work of art - Rogner Bad Blumau in Styria/Austria.

A lively spot that combines landscape and architecture. there are no corners, edges or straight lines. Instead, there is the courage to create organic forms, colours, joy, and include the human dimension – a truly liveable work of art.
At the heart of it all is the water, with 14 different inside and out-side pools and two hot springs. the most predominant of these is the Vulkania® thermal spring. A mineral-rich inland lake at a depth of around 3,000 metres with natural salt content.
From the North Sea to the South Seas. everyone will find a water temperature to suit them here. the Olympic sports pool with digital timing equipment is the ideal size and temperature for swim training. relax after a session in the sauna in the shade of the natural cave in the sauna garden.
And there is much to explore · Colourful columns · ”Dancing windows” · Flowing colonnades · Golden cupolas · roofs to walk on top · resting galleries · Canopies · room of silence · “Himmelreich” · Sauna land-scape · ”Health and beauty” in the spa · A celtic tree circle · Hidden oasis to rest · Sweets and treats box
“LEBENSWERKSTATT Robert Rogner “ · Rogner Arche Noah rare trees garden · Space for ideas · meetings · Seminars · Conferences · private celebrations · Hotel stay · Spa visit · Guided tour
9 different restaurants and bars · regional and organic cuisine · Wide variety, from buffet style through to à la carte · Wine bar · Fireside lounge · “Speis” (larder) shop · breakfast for late risers · And much more ...

opening times for the thermal spa Rogner Bad Blumau

daily from 9am to 11pm

Sauna (up from 16 years)
daily from 10am to 10.30pm

admitance until 8pm

The Hotel is the whole year open.

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