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  • Welcome to the healing world! *

In the Attergau you can feel the flair of a small, carefree world. But she has just the right size to dissipate in her in a wonderful way. With her great neighbor, the Attersee, she maintains a harmonious partnership, which also has a lot to offer.

Look forward to a splashy swimming fun for the whole family in the beach baths around the lake. Or on mysterious exchanges, on a game of golf, a sailing trip or just a leisurely stroll along a lakeside promenade at the end of which you can expect a cozy coffee house.

The summer street festivals in the pedestrian zone, folk concerts, the cultural summer of Attergau with international artists and conductors should not be missed.

Famous destinations are very close: Salzburg, Bad Ischl, Mondsee, St. Wolfgang, ...

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Tipy na voľný čas Attergau

St. Georgen im Attergau
Weißenkirchen im Attergau
Straß im Attergau

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Kontakt Attergau

TVB Attersee-Attergau
Attergaustraße 31, A-4880 St. Georgen im Attergau

+43 (0)7666 7719 80
+43 (0)7666 7719 89
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