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Riderpark Pizol

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Riderpark Pizol

Pizol - Bad Ragaz - Wangs

Season 16/17 - Mehr Obstacles im Riderpark Pizol

Riderpark Pizol – Where Riders Come Together

The Riderpark Pizol is the homebase for all freeskiers and snowboarders at Pizol. The playground is easily reached with the chair-lift Furt-Gaffia. Here, riders of all levels will find their perfect shred challenges: Whether you’re a freestyle-pro or a beginner, everyone’s welcome at the Riderpark. No matter if your agenda features joint hike sessions or as many runs as possible – the Riderpark offers something for everyone. And all freeride fans will definitely get their money‘s worth on powder days as well!
On the Easy and Medium Line of the Riderpark, you’ll find the perfect obstacles for your first warm-up rounds: Different butter-boxes, jibs, tubes, rails and kickers. All those looking for more challenging obstacles can turn to the Advanced Line: You‘ll find bigger kickers, rails and tubes there. All 22 obstacles of the Riderpark are shaped daily by the shapecrew.
Want to take a break from hike sessions and runs? The chill area is the perfect place for you. The undisputed highlight of the chill area? Definitely the view of the Rhein valley and as far as Lake Constance – lean back, enjoy the view and get stoked for your next run!

For more info about the setup or the latest news from the Riderpark, head to and the social media channels: Facebook and Instagram!

Lyžiarske stredisko Pizol - Bad Ragaz - Wangs

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25.03.2020, 04:01
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Snowpark Pizol

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Nach der Übernahme durch QParks, Europas größtem Snowparkbetreiber, erstrahlt der Riderpark Pizol in neuem Glanz und begeistert die Freestyle Community mit innovativen Design und kontinuierlicher Qualität.

Die Shapecrew sorgt für den täglichen Shape aller Obstacles, so dass Rider aller Könnensstufen sicher und mit maximalem Shred-Erfolg ihre Sessions abschliessen. Wer zwischen den Runs Kraft oder Sonne tanken will, nimmt in der parkeigenen Chill Area Platz!

Easy Box Straight 3m (Box)
Medium Tube High/Flat 6m (Pipeslide)
Advanced Jump Kicker 12m (Kicker)
Easy Jump Kicker 3m (Kicker)
Easy Tube Down 5m (Pipeslide)
Medium Jump Hip 5m (Kicker)
Advanced Rail Waterfall 8m (Rail)
6m Flat/Down Butter Box Easy (Box)
Jump Kicker 7m (Kicker)
8m Down Rail Advanced (Rail)
Easy Jib Mushroom (Specials)
Easy Box Rainbow 3m (Box)
Easy Box Rooftop 3m (Box)
Easy Box Straight 4m (Box)
Easy Box Elephant 6m (Box)
Medium Rail Down 5m (Rail)
Medium Rail Industry 6m (Rail)
Advanced Rail Kink 6m (Rail)
Box Rainbow 4m (Box)
Advanced Rail 90° Corner 8m (Rail)
Medium Jump Volcano (Kicker)
Jump Kicker 10m (Kicker)
Medium Jump Corner 6m (Kicker)
Medium Jib Wallride 4m (Specials)

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