BERGFEX: Lyžiarske stredisko Scheffau - SkiWelt - Lyžovačka Scheffau - SkiWelt

Lyž. stredisko Tirolsko

Lyžiarske stredisko Scheffau - SkiWelt

620 - 1.650m
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Scheffau - SkiWelt

620 - 1.650m

Mapa zjazdoviek Lyžiarske stredisko Scheffau - SkiWelt
Snehové info Včera, 08:26
Včera, 08:26
80 cm
Horná stanica
45 cm
Údolná stanica
83 z 90
Zariadení v prevádzke
Men´s Day! Dienstags fahren alle Herren mit Tages - oder Teiltageskarten zum Jugendtarif! Fasching feiern in der SkiWelt Ab 14:30 "Grenzland Trio" im Bäck - SkiWelt Söll | Ab 15:00 Susal Live auf der Stöcklalm - SkiWelt Söll | Ab 16:00 Faschingsparty im Brixner Stadl - SkiWelt Brixen | Ab 21.00 Faschingsparty mit "Die Alpis" in der Moonlight Bar - SkiWelt Söll |

Online Skipass Scheffau - SkiWelt

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Vleky Scheffau - SkiWelt


Prevádzková doba Zima

06.12.2019 - 13.04.2020
08:30 - 16:30

Zjazdovky Scheffau - SkiWelt

121 km (114)
127 km (85)
36 km (25)
284 km

Novinky Scheffau - SkiWelt


  • Men’s Day: Every Tuesday from 07th January 2020, all men pay the youth rate for day or part-day ski passes!
  • Ladies‘ Day: Every Wednesday from 08th January 2020, all ladies pay the youth rate for day or part-day ski passes!
  • Super Ski Weeks - super savings on your ski holiday 07. - 20.12.2019 to 14.03. - 13.04.2020 : Up to 25 % discount on 2 to 14-day ski packages with selected hotels.
  • Kids aged 15 and under ride free! 07. - 20.12.2019 to 14.03. - 13.04.2020 : If a parent purchases a SkiWelt skipass which is valid for at least three days, kids 15 and under (born 2004 - 2013) ride for free during the same time period.

The SkiWelt is part of the world’s biggest ski ticket alliance: over 2,750 kilometres of slopes with just one ticket, the Super Ski Card.

Lyžiarske stredisko Scheffau - SkiWelt

REAL BIG – SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental

SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental is one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in the world. 9 villages provide direct access for you to enjoy more than 284 kilometers of ski runs, perfectly prepared every day, as well as 21 downhills.

Whether beginner or family, skiing just for pleasure or a serious and experienced skier, everyone can have so much more fun at SkiWelt.

There are also 90 modern lifts for skiers to use, and panoramic views of more than 70 mountains of 3,000 m or more to enjoy, plus the ALPENIGLU® Village, 4 fun parks, experience slopes, 3 floodlit toboggan runs, Austria’s largest night skiing resort as well as experience winter hiking trails on the mountain.
Unique: 81 family-run huts with sun terraces and table service are a great place to call in for refreshments.

It’s white as far as the eye can see when it comes to snow conditions here too: SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser - Brixental is particularly blessed with natural snow. In addition, 229 km of slopes can be completely covered with manmade snow. This is guaranteed by more than 1,700 snow machines in the ski area.

More Information about the Skiarea and Accomodation:

Kontakt Lyžiarske stredisko Scheffau - SkiWelt

Bergbahn Scheffau GesmbH & Co. KG
Schwarzach 2, A-6351 Scheffau

+43 (0)5358 81530
Snehový telefón
+43 (0)5333 400
+43 (0)5358 8181
Webová stránka
Prevádzkovateľ strediska Infocentrum

Kontakt Turistická kancelária

Tourismusverband Wilder Kaiser
Dorf 35, A-6352 Ellmau

+43 (0) 50509
Snehový telefón
+43 (0)5333 400
+43 (0) 50509 190
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