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Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy: Lyžovačka Val d'Isère - Espace Killy - Wintersportgebiet Val d'Isère - Espace Killy - Lyžovanie

Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

1.850 - 3.456m

Plán zjazdoviek Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

Snehové info

včera, 10:01 215 cm 121 cm 37 z 87
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Novinky Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

New in Val d'Isère ...
The new chairlift Fontaine on the backside of Bellevarde, 6 places, about 3000 passages per hour.
New events enrich the ski resort, for example Les Napoleons, Winter Golf and Frost Gun.
The new Cascade restaurant offers a new menu to enjoy a meal on the slopes, at the foot of the chairlift Les Cascades, over 2 800 meters altitude ...

Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

Val d'Isère has got it all...The slopes are made so that you can discovere the joys of skiing and the splendour of the mountains.

Skiers, snowboarders or even telelmarkers... beginners, intermediate or advanced... Val d'Isère has slopes or off-pistes for everybody...But not only is Val d'Isère an exceptional skiing domain...

It's also a village known for its variety of after-ski activities, its old village and its atmosphere.There is once again, something for everyone : pleasant places and diverse " ambiances ", romantic dinners and fireside family gatherings in cozy chalets...

Just come and enjoy Val d'Isère ...You will then be back again and again...


Kontakt Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

Lyžiarske stredisko Val d'Isère - Espace Killy

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