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BERGFEX: Lyžiarske stredisko Stuben am Arlberg: Lyžovačka Stuben am Arlberg - Wintersportgebiet Stuben am Arlberg

Lyžiarske stredisko Stuben am Arlberg

Stuben am Arlberg

1.409 - 2.529m

Plán zjazdoviek Lyžiarske stredisko Stuben am Arlberg

Novinky Stuben am Arlberg

The circle closes
From the coming winter the new Flexenbahn and the new Albonabahn from the Alpe Rauz - belonging to Stuben - will be available to you!
Thus, all the annoying bus transfers are history. The entire Arlberg ski resort is finally connected, therefor the largest ski resort of Austria.

Lyžiarske stredisko Stuben am Arlberg

Stuben, the smallest of the 5 villages at the Arlberg, offers ski-maniacs all they are looking for at budget prices. Local lifts as well as direct access to St. Anton, the world championship ski resort of 2001. Ski buses connect Stuben with Zürs and Lech. (Ski pass valid for the whole area with a total of 84 lifts).

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Lyžiarske stredisko Stuben am Arlberg

Tourismusbüro, A-6762 Stuben am Arlberg

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