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bergfex: Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje: Lyžovačka Ribniško Pohorje - Wintersportgebiet Ribniško Pohorje

Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje

Ribniško Pohorje

720 - 1.525m

Plán zjazdoviek Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje

Snehové info

včera, 06:44 110 cm - 4 z 4
  Horná stanica Miesto Lanovky v prevádzke

Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje

The ski slope Ribniška koča is situated on top of Ribniško Pohorje in the middle of idyllic plains covered with snow and pine forests, from 1368 to 1525 m above sea level. The ski lifts Velka and Črni vrh connect 2,4 km of well prepared ski tracks for less or more skilled skiers. Natural snow invites you from mid December to late spring.

Also, Ribniško Pohorje offers 6km of cross-country tracks in vicinity of the highest peak of Pohorje – Črni vrh (1543m). Cross-country enthusiasts can enjoy the solitude of the romantic landscape covered with snow and with a wonderful view.

Winter wonderland, home made specialities from the alpine hut Ribniška koča, and favourable ski ticket prices are waiting for you.

The ski slope Ribnica na Pohorju is located above the idyllic village Ribnica na Pohorju on an altitude between 715 and 921 m. Waiting for you are 2,4 km of well prepared and diverse ski tracks which offer delights to skiers and snowboarders of all age groups. We especially recommend the ski slopes to families with children and organized groups with ski teachers of the ski school Džana.

As a special treat we offer you the magic of night skiing on illuminated slopes, every day from 17.00 to 21.00 o´clock.


Kontakt Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje

Lyžiarske stredisko Ribniško Pohorje

Ribnica na Pohorju 1, SI-2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

+386 (0)2 8765300
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+386 (0)2 8765300
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